About Me

I am from the midwest and I have always loved Art, travel to faraway places and exploring.  I also have an Etsy shop, which you’re welcome to explore.  https://www.etsy.com/shop/exploringsacredspace

I have always been fascinated with exploring the deeper facets of life.  And it turns out that the most unusual experiences, people and “chance encounters” have happened and continue to cross my path.  These experiences have been so striking and eye-opening that I wrote a book to share some of them and the understanding they have brought.

The book is called  “Exploring Sacred Space: A Vast Quest”.  It is filled with experiences and information that you won’t find elsewhere and gives clear explanations for many of life’s mysteries.

I have been to Egypt twice. in November of 1997 and again in November of 1999.  They were both incredible experiences.  A major disaster happened just a few days before each trip, making each one a rare moment in time.  Instead of being packed with tourists, those magnificent ancient sites were empty except for the locals and our group.  In Nov. 1997 there was the Massacre at Hatshepsut’s Tomb, and in Nov. 1999 Egypt Air crashed.  Both events happened about 3 days before we were to leave, and the result was that everyone around the world, except for our group, cancelled their trips.

I have also been to the Himalayans of Nepal, throuh Europe and the U.K, and also through Canada and Mexico.  I’ve traveled and lived thoughout the U.S. and spent five years in Hawaii.  In addition to my own personal investigations as well as University studies in Art and Foreign Languages, from 1974-76 I studied the amazing genius Rudolf Steiner at the Waldorf Teacher Training Institute, which at that time was in Detroit.

Music also plays a large part of my life and I have a collection of Harps and Lyres and also Flutes.

Thank you for visiting my site!  Feel free to contact me anytime for a special order either of Gemstone Jewelry or Artwork.