Gemstones + Their Properties

First here is a little lesson, as I have found, in opening the ability to use Gemstones

Each stone has its own energies. Personally I have found that truly accessing a stone’s qualities is sort of a “catch 22”. This is the secret I’ve found to tapping into and using these energies. It is when you can really feel or know them that you have access to and can use their energies. You can train or open this ability by holding a stone, being quiet and sensing it and at first use your imagination to get a feel of the essence each one has. In this way your own intuitive feeling and sensing ability can strengthen to be able to feel their true energies and thus be able to use them in your lives. In activating this sensitivity it helps to read the gemstone properties from the intuitive sensing of Judy Hall.

  • Agates: Colors vary. There are many different types. Transforms negative energy to higher frequencies.
  • Amber: Ancient dinosaur era petrified Baltic tree sap. For wisdom & calmness. Removes confusion & imbalance among the bodies.
  • Amethyst: Brazilian. Cleanses & transforms. Preparing for transformational changes on Earth. Clears us to use higher energy.
  • Aventurine: A valuable healing tool. Magnifies the divine blueprint so the cells align with the electrical flow of energies.
  • Azurite:  Healing to the body’s electrochemical system. For clarity, intuition &  to raise awareness.  Also for lucid dreams.
  • Blue Lace Agate: For peace & calmness in the emotional body. .Brings the angel energy you need to make connections & realizations.
  • Bone: Grounds one to Earth. Strengthening. Connects one to the animal kingdom and its strength, confidence & serenity in who one is.
  • Botswana Agate: Banded brown. Gentle energy that helps the body & emotions adapt to change & adjust to new ideas & energy.
  • Carnelian: Red agate. An ancient stone used by Initiates & elders. Grounds transformational energies. Heals at the cellular level.
  • Chrysocolla: blue-green. Heals emotions, transforming them to positive energy. Said to bring the journeys you’ve always longed to travel.
  • Citrine: Yellow. Prosperity stone. Helps expand & open the mind to encompass the soul’s ideal. Removes mental blocks.
  • Copper: Strongly conducts electricity & energy. Helps break up negativity & heals. Used by ancient Initiates to draw in spiritual energy
  • Creamy Jade: From the Nan Yan province of China. Strengthens the solar plexus. Mayan Elders (& Lemurians) used it for peace & harmony.
  • Fluorite: Quartz banded with Amethyst & Aventurine. Powerful and extremely protective, giving you intuitive information against psychic attacks. Releases negative energy, allowing clear energy to flow into the cells.  Powerful against computer, cell phones & electromagnetic pollution.
  • Garnet: Sacred to ancient Elders. Strengthens the phys. & emotional bodies. “”Stone of Health”. Clears out old energies & toxins.
  • Gold: 14k Gold. Reveals one’s true self. Releases negativity & attracts positivity. Brings out your best.
  • Hematite: Grounds one to the Earth & one’s purpose. Strengthens & energizes.
  • Horn:  The golden horn I use is from naturally-shed antlers in Africa. Grounding, connecting one with the Earth & the animal kingdom.
  • Jade: Protects & cleanses. For a stable transition into the future. (Creamy Jade at the other end after citrine. From China.)
  • Jasper: There are many different types. Grounding, calming & protective. For adapting & seeing the best in all.
  • Kunzite: My new favorite. Wearing 4 pendants now and a large ring. This stone has an extremely high vibration and connects to a high level of spirit. A powerful healing stone that is best worn directly on the skin.
  • Labradorite: Translucent gray. Relieves depression & uplifts. Exceptional in helping adapt to new energies. Cuts thru negative emotions.
  • Lapis Lazuli: Stone of Total Awareness. For grounding with Earth’s light as well as your own to master existence. Expansive. Sacred to Egyptians ancient pharaohs & Initiates. Lapis has great wisdom in channeling Earth’s power. Opens one’s potentials.
  • Leopard Jasper: Grounding, calming & protective .For adapting & seeing the best in all. Helps one appreciate life’s simple things.
  • Lepidolite: Light purple. Clears electromagnetic pollution. Should have it on or near computers, microwaves, cell phones too. Good to wear a good size natural Lepidolite stone. The clear mica in them intensifies this energy. Relieves tension, calms & balances our emotional bodies.
  • Malachite: Green, from Zaire. Focuses emotions. Copper Carbonate. Ancient stone of Kings & those with “divine” privileges.
  • Marble: (Many different types & colors) For clarity & deep meditation. For serenity, dream recall & activating the mind.
  • Marcasite: Gunmetal gray with gold Pyrite. For insight & self-understanding. Softens one’s personality.
  • Moonstone: For new beginnings & wishes. For emotional, mental  spiritual changes. Carries a spiritual energy that is the essence of light.
  • Mother-Of-Pearl: A gift of the sea. Has the qualities of Pearls, but weaker.
  • Onyx: Black & other colors. Grounds & connects into the Earth. Can release one from a relationship that’s complete, to move forward.
  • Pearl: from China. Symbolic of the Christ Light. To balance the etheric level of light with the physical cells, rejuvenating the cells.
  • Peridot: Lime green, from the Southwest.  For helping to see detrimental patterns that hinder growth. Creates a shield of protection
  • Marble: An artistic blend of gray. For understanding one’s destiny. Brings evolved energy to Earth & transforms intuition. Picture Jasper: Tan. “Stone of Global Awareness”.  Stimulates the brotherhood to work together to heal the planet. See jasper for more
  • Quartz: Transmits the ideal blueprint. Its structure mirrors DNA. Transmits light & teaches us to see that we are perfect vehicles of light. Stone of enlightenment.
  • Rhodocrosite: Unlimited Love. Supports & helps one use the heart at higher vibrational levels. Cuts thru doubts & mistrust in loving
  • Rhyolite: Lovely muted green volcanic stone. Calming, cleansing. Helps “bring the journeys one has longed to travel”. Ignites potential and creativity of soul.
  • Rose Quartz: Stone of Love. Removes negativity & brings calmness.
  • Silver:  Sterling Silver. Gives on “the Advantage” throughout life. Helps to accomplish the task at hand & understand its meaning.
  • Tiger Eye: Quartz with fibrous inclusions. Helps to accept & use new higher energy at the cellular level. Strengthens one’s light structure.
  • Smokey Quartz: Protects against radiation. Adjusts your body to new higher energies. Draws out negativity. Healing.
  • Sugilite: Purple. Connected to new energies Earth is moving into. Associated with St. Germain. Brings awareness of your divine essence.
  • Topaz: Naturally yellow, chemically treated for blue. Brings the light of the ideal into cells. Rejuvenates & strengthens restructured DNA.
  • Tourmaline: Balances opposites & polarities. Attracts inspiration, diminishes fear thru understanding. For awakening from illusion.
  • Turquoise: Can bring back ancient knowledge & powers used. Helps release toxins of heavy metals. or spiritual understanding & peace.
  • Unakite: Muted green & peach. Form of granite. Can reveal hidden powers within the self. Brings out their energy.

Gemstone Books

I recommend these Gem Books:

  • The Book of Stones: Who They Are and What They Teach” by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian is a large 8″ x 10″ book with full color images of each stone. Each author gives their own version and sense of each stone.
  • Crystal Bible” and “Crystal Bible 2 and 3” by Judy Hall are smaller books. Each also has color images of each stone.
  • Healing Crystals + Gemstones from Amethyst to Zircon” by Dr. Flora Peschek-Bohmer
  • Katrina Raphael has a trilogy of gemstone books. Only a handful of stones are listed and there are no color images. But the books give a lot of imformation on healing methods with the stones. They also go into the meanings of different point formations of different quartz and the meanings of each along with what each is especially good for.

I have all these and many more.